Orchan facilitates custom-crafted programmes in Crisis Communication & Management, Stakeholder & Cultural Communications, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, and Business Communication & Writing. 

Our training is conducted by decision-makers, for decision-makers and activators who want to develop their understanding of specialist areas.


Crisis Communication & Management


Today, reputations can be built or lost at the click of a button. In this new environment, private and public sector organisations need to ensure they fully understand the evolving threats and opportunities. How can businesses prepare and plan? What lessons can be learned? How concerned should management be? How does this impact the company's valuation? New thinking, better outcomes for beyond 2019.


Popular Workshops:

- Message Mapping During Crisis.

- Developing Your Crisis Plan.

- Speak Up | Crisis Management Spokesperson Training.

- Responding to a Crisis.

- Digital & Social Media Management During a Crisis.


Public Relations


PR is a strategic tool to help brands propel and thrive. The right publicity is key to a campaign's success, and our modules are curated to develop teams, be it the crafting of powerful messaging, campaign planning and timing, determining the newsworthiness of an action or event, or ensuring your brand spokesperson is constantly on-point.


Popular Workshops:

- Understanding PR Strategy & Timeframes.

- Writing for Social Media.

- Digital Public Relations Foundations.

- Media Spokesperson Training. 


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