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Dec 20, 2021

Since 2020 Threw Everyones Crisis Playbook Out the Window
by Dr Craig J Selby

I wrote this initial commentary a year ago.

Reflecting on an 'unknown' that fast became a reality, causing all forms of crisis and 'emergency' situations for businesses everywhere. While 2020 posed new challenges, especially as brands grappled with new modes of operation, channels and forms of communication, and general uncertainty; 2021 was hoped to be the long awaited return to normality.

Now, 2022 has that honour, as the 2021 'sh1tstorm' really did say "hold my beer" and unravelled even more uncertainty for brand guardians, and reinforced the need for crisis planning, business continuity planning, and the like.

But something was different!

The fact that we had at least eight (8) month experience of the situation, started to bring certainty into our equation. New lock-downs were "repeat events" - brands had been through it before and were more equipped to respond and pivot accordingly. SOP's had been refined, so a quicker realignment to new expectations was possible. The 2020 playbook remained somewhat relevant, as we had that deeper understanding of what we faced. Not a complete understanding though; it still throws curve-balls at us; but collectively, as a society, and individually, as brands, as people, we are more attune to the situation, and to possible responses and solutions.

Cold comfort though; it doesn't make the fight any less stressful. It only makes us marginally more informed.

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