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As businesses we (most) always seek an ROI – Return on Investment.

Apr 21, 2020

Our clients expect an ROI on their spend, so that it was a value-add using our services. We expect an ROI from our team members – delivering greater value from their services than what we pay. We expect ROI from our service providers too, so that we can mark-up and on-sell for profits.

Covid has shown us just how quickly things can go from mainstream to topsy-turvy to chaotic – all in the blink of an eye – so, where is your ROI now?

What matters is something deeper – that human connection that we all have to each other (including to the entities we interact with). As we quickly transition from office to home, and find new ways to interact; remember at the heart of everything ‘communications’ is the H2H – human2human approach.

Deeper than this though, is how to cultivate and retain an ROR – Return on Relationship. So what is ROR then?

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