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#BFTP | When Media Shames the Little Guy

Nov 3, 2022

(Commentary by Dr Craig J Selby)

The whole world has been against a few Irish tourists who caused a bit of a fracas in my country of origin recently. British publications, Australian publications, Asian publications condemning the tourists for their “bad behavior”, and put their names and faces for all to see.

Oh, wow! If only the same attention to detail was put to every criminal in the world. The world might be a safer place, NOT.

The issue here is not when something goes viral, but it when something viral is perpetuated by mainstream media, and the “public shaming” goes far beyond the extent of the initial action/s.

Daily updates from the New Zealand Herald propagated story after story regarding the tourists – where they are now, the latest thing they ‘did’, and people’s reaction to them.


Did the tourists do wrong? Yes. Did they deserve to be called out for it? Yes. Did they deserve global attention and the constant condemnation they received for dropping rubbish, trying a quick scam at a restaurant or two? Probably not.

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