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Feb 17, 2022

Plaza Phoenix (Cheras Sentral)

When we took on Plaza Phoenix (now known as Cheras Sentral) as a client, we were challenged to step outside our comfort zone. As opposed to just announcing the rebrand and redevelopment to the community, we faced with a few other PR issues to restart the project. But, the hurdle did not end there. What should we do when the developer was unable to bring a group of over 125 strata title owners in order to move forward?

Internal communication.

Previously, we wrote about the importance of internal communication (if you haven’t read about it, you can read it here) and it became a vital component in our communication strategy. Considering it involved over 125 parties, it’s fair to say it took some time. But most importantly, we became the trusted go-between for the parties and were able to put across non-emotional information to all who were involved, in a straight forward manner.

Besides undertaking the responsibilities of meeting all the individual strata owners, we became their ears. In situations such as this, there is nothing more important to hear what they’ve got to say and discover their concerns. To further gauge what worries them, we also share the development plans and got their input on those as well.

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