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Brands used to be just for businesses.

Apr 13, 2020

But then the internet happened. Social media allowed us to connect with anyone with an internet connection, and later anyone with a smart phone.

Part of the reason the importance of personal branding has increased so much in the past decade or so is because suddenly, everyone has access to some degree of information about everyone else.

Ries and Trout once said “a brand is simply a perception in the mind of the consumer.” So whether you like it or not, people are perceiving you and your business. Focusing on your personal perception (or brand) will allow you to see what elements of your activity allow you to have higher or lower levels of perception and for which traits.

So why is personal branding important for marketers?

Because our personal brands and the marketing that we do are inextricably linked. We have to create compelling content and we need to nurture our networks so that we have the personal influence to share great content in an authentic and helpful way. Personal branding is the only way for the marketing of the future to be successful.

You and your business have different brands because you are perceived as something by those who interact with you. Do you become a different person when you walk into the office or a meeting? Of course not! We are who we are... and we need to own it! Our personality is what makes us unique and powerful.

Brands are not logos or colours or PowerPoint templates or website URLs or ad campaigns or slogans. Brands are what your connections perceive you to be. And you have the power to influence that perception!

Personal branding has never been more critical in driving loyalty and delivering advocacy. Do it with the right messaging and you have a consumer for life; make ONE SMALL mistake and you become the next meme


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