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Can Frogs be Stakeholders?

Sep 8, 2021

| Commentary by Dr Craig J Selby J Selby


Those entities which have a vested interest in our actions.

Growing up in New Zealand, I was consciously aware of Maori mythology. It came as no surprise that during a rather large motorway construction exercise – the project was halted at a bridge because a Taniwha (troll, spirit) was deemed by local Maori tribal elders, to be blocking the way.

All-to-oft, what we look at, is people, but we forget that stakeholder interests go deeper than that. Yes, people are the decision-makers (and those that have to live with the ramifications of decisions), but stakeholder identification goes way beyond that. I’m not advocating reaching out and having a focus group with mythical creatures or four-legged creatures, but I do support developing an awareness and understanding of additional perspectives on an issue – that stakeholders genuinely go beyond people and corporations.

The following article by Linda Agyapong sums up nicely the need to re-examine our viewpoint on stakeholders, and thus, encourage us to take a deeper perspective on stakeholder relations.

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