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Oct 29, 2020

Civil unrest. Mounting health and economic tolls of COVID-19. Raging wildfires in California. Another hurricane pummeling the Gulf coast. The news can be fraught with difficult topics for parents to tackle with their children.

Parents should assume that children are more aware of the news than parents may realize. Thus, by not talking with children about the news, parents risk having their children’s information come exclusively from peers, teachers, or the media itself. Particularly now that many children (and adults) get their news from social media, misinformation abounds. Parents can begin a conversation about the news by asking children what they may have seen or heard.

For children of all ages, the news can present a scary picture of the world. Thus, a place to start when communicating with children about the news is to set an example of how to react to the news in a way that expresses empathy for those who have been negatively affected by a tragic event but that is not overly emotional or dramatic.

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