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Change is exciting and motivating and energising.

Mar 12, 2019

It can also be occasionally terrifying, uncomfortable and paralysing. Change can be difficult.

What if the change is the wrong change?

Yes, but what if it’s the right one?

What if change is awkward or hard or uncomfortable?

Yes, but what if it’s not?

There is an old adage, “There are 7 frogs on a log, and one decided to jump. How many are frogs are on the log?” The answer, of course, is 7. Until that one frog actually jumps, there are still 7 frogs on the log.

Decision making is important, of course, but real change only comes from ACTION.

So if you have a problem (or think you do) with an organisational change, drop us a line at: or give us a call: (03) 2110 9407 -- we promise we'll be gentle.

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