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Oct 4, 2018

Consulting firms have a phenomenal ability to explain to the client why they are needed. Most genuinely believe that their models are the best thing on the market. Buy our model, and all your problems will be in the past.

Things will be more efficient, streamlined, and profitable. Sure, a few people might have to lose their jobs in the reorganisation - but we can live with that. They then send in fleets of well-dressed young consultants to deliver it.

The dirty consultant has a problem that the clean consultant doesn't have. He doesn't have an immediate answer for the complex problem vexing the client. He has no flashy best practice model he strongly believes in. No shiny slide deck that outlines a defined future state.

What he does have is a research process. A way of finding out what is actually causing the organisational problems. Why and how the espoused culture is different from organisational reality. Why and how the supposed best practice solution is producing stressed out anxiety or cynical apathy.

#OrchanPR #OrchestratingChange #ChangeNow #WeAreDirtyAndProudOfIt

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