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Dec 4, 2019

.....Or are you just Driving them Away with Your Spelling & Grammar Mistakes?

Oh yes, you’ve noticed the spelling and grammar mistakes in our headline! Put off already? Most likely. In fact, a recent study indicates that 59% of customers would not feel ‘at ease’ with your business simply because of your online linguistic faux pas – this means, out of all that effort you have taken to grow your online presence to represent your brand, 59% of your potential customers do not wish to engage with you, simply because you haven’t taken the trouble to proof-read your posting.

We've had this conversation with clients and former clients for many years. Some say that it’s ok to be ‘street’ or ‘less vigilant’ with your language online, and make it less formal -- while we think otherwise.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Comments more than welcome!

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