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Curating Your Coaching Culture with Orchan

Aug 17, 2023

Be it internally or for our clients, coaching is both an important process and tool to develop teams and individuals. Orchan firmly believes in empowerment of people at all levels; but this comes through hard work, experience, experimentation, and of course, guidance to develop.

As businesses pivot towards new opportunities, it’s essential for us to audit and examine how we help prepare and transition our teams. Training, mentorship, and coaching become essential empowerment tools for such transition.

With over a decade of strategic PR and communications execution, Orchan works with clients to provide professional development experiences in Business Continuity Planning, Brand Communications, Change Management, Crisis Planning & Communications, and Corporate Communication. The coaching and training scene at Orchan has changed quite a lot from the beginning of this year with a complete switch from blended facilitation to purely online options; you probably know why.

Now, more than ever, the time is right to empower your teams, and to develop the coaching culture within your organisation. Don’t adopt the wait-and-see approach, invest wisely in people transformation, and help your team to help your business ride through the current challenges. Let our expert facilitators work with you to develop your coaching culture, and give a new lease of life to your teams through enhanced skills and capabilities within the communications realm.

Need help? Drop us a line at: to discuss your training needs.

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