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Jun 25, 2021

Ethical Public Relations | Ethical Consulting
by Dr Craig J Selby

It’s interesting to note that Dr Google automatically expects me to search PR Ethics, versus ethical PR. Was this a mistake on my part, or is it something deeper?

To me, there is a difference. Ethics applies all over, and the principles of ethics are quite ubiquitous across our many disciplines, interests, and businesses.

But “ethical public relations” is a nuance on the term; it goes deeper, and more focused than simple ethics.

Ethical public relations is about how you as a practitioner, or agency, work within the parameters of client guidelines, and how you make decisions internally that impact upon both selecting your clients (and their products) to represent, and in activating appropriate campaigns.

It is about where you draw the lines in the world of spin, as opposed to understanding the lines that have already been drawn in the sand for us. Those lines are mere guidelines and scaffolding to help us, as PR practitioners, think deeper.

It is also about how we interpret the paradigm shifts in the world around us, for example #MeToo, #BLM, etc, as well as the evolution of clients (and the personalities that make up those brands).

So, where do we draw the line?

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