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Holy Smokes Batman!

Mar 8, 2022

Sometimes It’s Best to Stay Silent!

by Dr Craig J Selby

I don’t know the actual truth of what went on here, but I do know one thing; it’s always best to know when to shut up, especially when protecting your brand reputation.

So over the weekend a cinema screened a movie. Three quarters of an hour into the movie, it was stopped, reset, and the movie started again. In an open hall of customers.

A rather surprised customer went on to social media to highlight what had happened. Not the fact that the movie was disrupted; rather that it was restarted due to some ‘VIP’ customers. Ignoring my personal disdain for those who think in terms of us and them (plebs v’s VIPs) – the show must go on.

The post started receiving interest, and of course it spiralled from there.

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