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Apr 30, 2020

How Long Should I Spend Working in an Industry?
Advice for Newbies from Farrell

It is not uncommon for people starting out to job-hop. After all, how many can safely say that they know what they want to do (for the rest of their lives) right off the bat? Negative situation aside e.g. mismatched company culture, bad bosses/colleagues or hostile work environment; a lot of people job-hop to "make more money," or simply to "find a better fit".

However, they’re not stepping back and asking themselves important career questions such as, “What do I care about?” or “What problems do I want to solve?” or "What values – ideals that are deeply personal and meaningful to me – are at stake?". If you keep jumping for money, but don’t explore your passions, you are going to end up dissatisfied.

It is important to create your own work experience, enhance your skills and build connections before you seek new opportunities. Your future employers want to see that you've given your job a chance, that you've made progression and that you've achieved results. Being impatient in your career won't get you very far because learning skills, building relationships and understanding each position takes time. Having patience is a good thing because not only will you appreciate it more when you get promoted, but you'll have more confidence to execute when you're there.

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