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"If at First You Don't Succeed …"

Nov 9, 2020

Change & the Biggest Brand Blunder in History

It's the most famous soft drink brand on the planet — but in the 80s, Coca-Cola made a catastrophic decision that almost destroyed everything.

In 1985, Madonna's Like a Virgin dominated the airwaves. Back to the Future was the biggest box-office hit. And Coke released a new product so disastrous it nearly ruined the entire company.

In what has gone down in the history books as one of the biggest marketing blunders of all time, the 99-year-old brand decided to change the formula of its iconic drink for the first time.

The backlash to New Coke was as swift as it was brutal, with outraged Coke fans lashing the company over the unprecedented move.

Just so many modern-day lessons from this.

Think about the juxtaposition between intuition and data, and ask yourself; what if social media had existed back then – how different would this have played out?

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