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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie | Part One

Dec 14, 2020

A steadfast rule in Crisis Management is to never recycle your crisis. Pathetic pity parties are out the door, please!

Once the dust has settled, move on, and move on positively. There are new challenges to embrace, not old fights to relive.
Returning to the 'scene of the crime' can stir up negative sentiment, unwanted attention (and potential further criticism) to your brand, and draw attention back to your initial response and handling of the situation.

Existing stakeholders may "dig in" with their opinions, and new stakeholders may view the situation even more negatively, not only as the crisis per se, but the 'weirdness' through which it resurfaced when it shouldn't have.

In crisis management, lessons learnt are in the "immediate" and to be communicated at the time, not publicity fodder for reflection further down the track. That's what your memoirs are for, not your brand channel(s).

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