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Jan 30, 2019

Kids do stupid things. Teens do stupid things. Adults do stupid things. We make mistakes, and we f*^% things up.

There are and should be consequences for those mistakes, stupid decisions, and f*^%-ups. But in our social media-heavy, attention-hungry, smartphone-dependent world, the stakes are infinitely higher.

Apologies, regrets, proportional punishments, and contained embarrassment aren't enough these days. Now there is the court of public opinion and the worldwide web of shame to deal with as well.

We live in an attention-seeking, social media-driven world where people thrive on getting their “15 minutes” or going viral. We crave the validation, approval, and attention in order to feel seen, heard, and understood.

We want to be noticed and liked. But where does it end? And what is the price of all this public shaming, especially when children are involved?

#OrchanPR #OrchestratingChange #ChangeNow

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