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Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie | Part Two

Dec 15, 2020

Don’t Revisit Your Brand Crisis Externally

Most businesses work very hard to either avoid a crisis, or to move on from it as fast as humanly (and digitally) possible. If a crisis has occurred, evolved, and been put behind your brand, then best practice is to let ‘sleeping dogs lie’. A lingering crisis, even in remnants, simply creates more damage-potential, and invites an opportunity to reopen a can of worms. Whether you’re (your brand) is in the right or wrong doesn’t matter; it’s all up to the Court of Public Opinion (social media) to judge, often unrelated to the truth or actual perspectives on the matter.

When it can take up to a year for a brand to recover ‘valuation’ to pre-crisis levels, we cannot underestimate the long term damage to a brand that a crisis causes in the first instance. Navigating through the crisis and coming out the other end is often a significant achievement, but with most of the time, it is with added detractors and lobbyists / keyboard warriors lying in wait for your next mistake, just so they can pounce again.

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