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Modern Workplace Learning | Building a Culture for Personal & Professional Growth

Jul 14, 2021

Commentary by Dr Craig J Selby

Regardless of where you are in your life, what industry you are in, or how accomplished you may have become, one thing is for certain – our motivation at/to work is affected by the opportunities surrounding us, and the people who put them forward. Something that I have always been very passionate about throughout my career has been constant opportunities for development. These do not always have to be career-related, but can include things for personal enjoyment and self-growth. I once did a Diploma in Wine – yes, because I loved wine, but it also gave me additional talking points during meetings. Being well-rounded is important in any career – both for the workplace and for one’s psyche.

Creating an organisational culture where learning is embedded and encouraged is of paramount importance. But it has to be more than this; we need to feed the internal desire to continuously grow and improve, and to treat each day as a challenge to better ourselves from the previous. From the organizational perspective, support is needed for this – not necessarily in terms of rewards or fake fluffy ‘congratulations’ (sorry, not a Millennial here), but in terms of opportunities being available, time being given, and resource support to make it happen. A good boss who shares and encourages you to try new things is just the start of that journey.

I thought I’d share the following article by the Editor of Modern Workplace Learning Magazine, as they investigate the issue of how to build a culture that embeds the importance of improvement, learning and development. I think they are spot on with their perspective. But as with everything, there’s still a way further to go.

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