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Apr 20, 2020

Audit Your Content Queue | Stay Relevant for the Needs of Today, Not the Needs of Your Campaign Plan

There is something that every business should have done on Day 1 of the lock-down -- that is an audit of communications initiatives, or as the sub-title suggests, "audit your content queue", to ensure that what they put out there into the marketing universe represents the new reality of the day.

Review your entire messaging stream, including all social media platforms, promotional and transactional emails, push notifications, Whatsapp and SMS, even what your team members are saying during telephone calls, to identify communications that need to be paused or adjusted as a result of the situation.

Put simply, take a look at what is planned, both in advertising, communications, and social media, for the foreseeable future.

And Ask

- Is the message still relevant?
- Is the message still applicable?
- Could the message now be deemed offensive?
- Could the message now be viewed as tone deaf?

If you answer yes to any of the above, pull it, shelve it, change it - immediately! And, it's not too late to change, even today.

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