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Aug 24, 2020

Is it for Real?
I Mean, Really Real?

Fake news is not a new phenomena. And it ain’t going away any time soon!

As a Communications Agency, we have a heightened awareness of the fake news phenomena, plus the implications of it. We’ve written about it, debated and spoken about it at events (and over far too many meals), and we’ve worked with clients to overcome the impacts of it on a variety of levels. But it persists, and with increasing social media usage, it snowballs.

So, how do we all deal with it?

A little more critical thinking helps. But that too needs to be upped a notch or so, as the fake news industry works fast on becoming smoother, more sophisticated, and more ‘credible’ to us consumers of information.

With the current state of the world, and the confusion we all live in, it’s good to rethink just how critical we are of the information that passes through our screens, and of course, our newsprint too!

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