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My 5 Cents Worth .

Oct 3, 2022

by Dr Craig J Selby

A few years back I was friends with a guy who managed a couple of F&B outlets as part of a bigger local chain of restaurants. I used to enjoy eating at the chain as the food was consistent, decent, well-priced, and of course, accessible to my home.

Late afternoon one day, I went to pick up some take-away for my dinner from an outlet I didn’t go to that much. The duty manager, as was the SOP, ‘manning’ the till (cash register), taking customer orders and processing payment. My bill: RM 19.95. I handed over my not-so-crisp RM20 note, and awaited my receipt (always ask for a receipt) and my change.

I got a receipt, but not my 5 sen (cents).

Duty manager shuffled off to get my order from the kitchen. When she returned with my order, I asked “where was my change”?

“It's only 5 sen lah, why do you care?” was her response. To which I gave her a very direct response: “Because it’s MY 5 sen and not yours”. She kept trying to debate with me, and was quite adamant it wasn’t worth her effort to open the till.

Until … I mentioned to her a particular name (her boss) and that I would be discussing this with him promptly.

I got my 5 sen.

But that’s not the end of the story. I called my friend. I shall call him Peter (because that’s his name) to highlight the experience.

Beforehand though, I did a little calculation. In an outlet that’s open 10am to 10pm, seven (7) days a week, with a capacity of 20 tables, and I estimated a turnover of 8 times per day, that’s (at best case scenario) 4480 transactions per month. Now, if this certain staff member is skimming 5 sen off every transaction (which later became apparent) that’s RM 224 per month she is (was) pocketing.

Get where I’m going with this?

A week later, she had been replaced.

Now, let’s turn attention to another local brand that’s been having a bumpy ride over 5 cents.

Many may argue it’s a small matter (I mean, it's not exactly 2.6 …. I digress), and in the scheme of things it may very well be minor.

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