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Oh, Merde!

Aug 16, 2023

The first lesson in writing is always always always always make sure that you understand the meaning of words used in your narrative!

Be it text or image-driven, accuracy and nuance of meaning is important. And this applies when crossing cultural linguistic boundaries too.

Renault’s Malaysia team recently discovered (unexpectedly) the importance of double checking their creativity. With a supposedly smart ‘play on words’, the team clearly hoped to create a Merdeka-inspired campaign, but fell a little short into a pile of poop! Oops … or, poops we guess!

Doesn’t help that Renault is French – so the oopsie should have been even easier to spot (no one would blink an eye if it were an Asian brand).

Much like Susan Boyle’s infamous #Susanalbumparty (you read it as you wish, but it should be #SusanAlbumParty – dirty minds :P), MerdeCARfest didn’t quite create the intended brand image.

Now, Google ‘Merde’ and you’ll get the picture.

Thanks, Dr Google!

The take-away from this, be more diligent in tagline curation, or else... #MerdeHappens

#OrchanPR #OrchestratingChange #ChangeNow #BusinessAsUnusual #BusinessEvolved

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