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Proud to be a Kiwi?

Feb 2, 2021

We Like to do Things Differently
by Dr Craig J Selby

I like this campaign. It ticks two very important criterion for me regarding communications during this pandemic; one, it is positive and showcases moving forward; and two, it’s just damn quirky, ensuring the right type of attention will be received.

Faced with a crumbling industry (tourism), but a long term optimise (or desperation), it is fantastic to see the New Zealand Tourism Board thinking beyond the sh1tstorm; ie; looking at generating interest where it can, in an upbeat and relevant way. International tourist numbers may have withered away to close to zero; but local tourists are sufficient in numbers to prop up the industry in the short to medium term.

The solution, bring a bit of cheer to the public, as well as to the industry. Rallying consumers to be proactive, almost competition like, and have a little bit of fun along the way (all of society is in need of that) not only helps to promote the industry for the immediate future, but it also inspires the future – both for industry players, and for international tourists once the borders reopen. A decent win-win for all in relatively bleak times.

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