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Ready for the Real World, Agency Style?

Apr 27, 2020

People often think PR is glamorous, but in reality is it not. Those fancy parties, those amazing dinners, the travel - yeah, its all true, but you're working! So at the fancy parties you are answering questions, schmoozing with the media (and for the bosses -- potential clients), and generally running around like poultry on steroids; at the dinners, most likely a food review, you're supervising photo-shoots (which means by the time you eat, your food is cold anyway) and up-selling the client; and the travel is quite often an en-masse baby-sitting job on behalf of the client. And if anything goes wrong, it's your neck.

The marketing world is a war-torn place, and public relations practitioners are its ‘Navy Seals’: join our ranks, and you’ll find yourself running with an elite bunch of unforgiving and competitive mercenaries, and if you’re not up to speed, you’re dead — career-wise, that is. If you’re a fresh graduate, coming into an agency thinking you know everything based on your stack of notes from school is a surefire way to get you shot down quickly and brutally in your dream career.

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