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Right Message = Successful Campaign

Sep 17, 2020

Many businesses are taking advantage of the Covid pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the marketing communications of their brand.

However, be clear that the world is not quite the same as before, and brand marketing in this time can be very tricky. Circumstances have drastically changed the behaviour and needs of consumers. So, some say that it is better to hold back to avoid unpredictable risks. But thrusting out PR and marketing efforts during a crisis isn’t always bad. Numerous brands have done an amazing job during the lock-downs, and some didn’t fare quite so well.

LEGO created animated videos for children to urge social distancing, and to suggest ways to stay safe. They utilised beloved children’s characters such as Batman and Emmet and Lucy from The LEGO Movie. Also, they used the children’s song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ to realign lyrics to their new lyrics that teach ways to stay healthy and safe. Using age-appropriate language, and correctly focusing on prior needs and values of their target audience in the current situation, allowed LEGO to create the right message and speak directly to, have a deeper engagement with, their target audience.

Conversely, a McDonalds’s campaign did not work well with their audience. McDonald’s Brazil opted to redesign and physically rebuild their iconic golden arches logo by separating the arches apart, encouraging social distancing. However, this caused a backlash. The cost to build the logo could have been used to help others in need. Also, McDonald’s themselves were not aligning with their message, as in some countries their workers were still working despite the health crisis. Hence, understanding their audience at a superficial level resulted in a wrong message that made McDonald’s to be viewed as hypocritical and opportunistic.

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