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Jan 3, 2022

change [January 2022]
Giving Life to Events Through the Pandemic and Beyond | Are Events Still Relevant?

Getting our lives back to some sense of normal following the pandemic is a huge challenge and doing it in a safe and measured way even more so. There are those, especially in sports, who will tell you that nothing replaces being there. They crave being shoulder-to-shoulder with spectators, seeing the tackles close-up, with the smells and shouts that are the essence of fandom.

They are die-hards who will risk almost anything (including their health) to get into stadium seats or stand in the bleachers. Also, youngsters making up the fanbase of rock bands and rap artists crave the live audience experience above all else.

The desire to attend a live event still reigns supreme, and then there’s this: The cost savings of virtual events are not as black-and-white as it appears. Join Farrell Tan as he speaks to Joe Sidek (of Georgetown Festival fame) on all things events-related i.e. the impact of the pandemic on the industry, how it can or will bounce back, and what the future holds—be it live, virtual or a blend of both.

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