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Strive To Inform, Not Persuade

Dec 3, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some content on social media goes viral? Or why seemingly strange social media trends catch fire and others fall flat? Believe it or not, we humans are deeply curious in nature, and love sharing the unusual.

Social media is a double-edged sword in that manner. We get to obtain and also share pieces of information with just one click; and in the process, we forsake the harm that falsehood can bring to us and also people around us.

It is important to know what you should say, and what you should avoid sharing; as words spread the same way viruses do. It takes one person to share, a handful of people to spread, and before you know it, potentially harmful and dangerous information is taking over everyone’s newsfeed.

So, as a researcher and a communicator, how do you filter out unnecessary information?

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