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Jun 23, 2020

Success during the current pandemic is based on ones’ ability to not only pivot, but to remain relevant in the overall supply chain. For us in the communications industry, the loss of face-to-face events, be it for consumer engagement or media interaction, has been somewhat impactful. Whilst Orchan is more strategic in its integration and servicing for clients, it has put a speed-bump on campaign progress for a couple. In the broader industry, it’s had a greater snowball effect.

That may be about to change – and for the better.

Enter EventXtra, an event management platform curated to help industry players and their clients transform their face-to-face exhibitions and events into online and Virtual Reality formats.

With its global launch just last Friday, regional media were invited to one of two “digitally-experiential” press conferences – to not only lead the way for brands to get back into the consumer and media landscape through a familiar approach, but to show event management companies, their brands, and potential clients, that there is a fantastic way forward to bring events back into campaigns faster – via online platforms.

Having media from not only the region, but as far afield as Europe join our client for this launch, provided strong proof of concept.

Larger scale exhibitions can now go online, successfully.

What this means for the industry is opportunity to bring clients and products to stakeholders, without some of the challenges of social distancing. It offers additional database building capability, and enables a broader geographical catchment that traditional on-ground events may not encapsulate. It provides a lifeline for event management companies to leverage back into the market, and with social attitudes still shying away from group activities, a safe way to bring mass events to the masses.

Friday’s launch was held entirely online, with a platform walkthrough and demonstration of how the platform works, and the advantages it can bring for today and the future. Even when normalcy return slowly, the change in consumer patterns to online interaction means there will always be an online events space, so now is the right time to embrace this and weave it into campaign activation.

For us at Orchan, it was an opportunity to be at the forefront of online PR – a global, virtual Press Conference.

And it was fun!

There will be more.

To experience the full Press Conference, check out the video here@

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