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Jul 1, 2021

Can Influencers Remain Relevant in the time of Covid?

Companies employ influencers for marketing and awareness purposes. Increasing numbers of social media users seek to become ‘influencers’ – rightly or wrongly. Influencer marketing is a prolific marketing strategy. But, is it the type of strategy that can be applied to any situation? Business as usual, sure; Pandemic, maybe; Natural disaster, not really.

Given the pandemic, society is finding creative ways to get everyone to stay inside, socially distance; maybe it’s a smart strategy to use social influencers to urge others as people tend to listen to those they follow. Others may find this strategy obnoxious as influencers can be disconnected and are often telling others to stay inside from the comfort of their privilege, while their follower may not have such opportunity.

Some companies, organisations, or people may be using this strategy out of real concern for their audience’s well-being, or maybe they are just concerned about being perceived as un-caring and ill-prepared.

Is using influencers appropriate in telling people to stay inside?

What do you think?

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