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Changes in the Media Industry (Commentary by Craig J Selby)

Apr 22, 2019

The media landscape is constantly changing, and it's changing even more this year than in the past few years combined. We are seeing traditional media outlets making major shifts, as well as massive consumer brands like Disney taking a lead in the rapidly changing media landscape.

Traditional old school media outlets like TV, radio and print have all had to expand to include digital extensions in order to keep some of their audience engaged. Now, traditional reporters and news personalities are being replaced by influencers and regular people.

Social media is 100 percent responsible for this. Nobody wants to wait for the morning paper or the nightly news to see what stories are trending or what happened in the world. Social media gives you access to that information in real-time -- anyone with a mobile device is capable of “breaking” a story if they are in the right place at the right time.

Often, it’s not that something is happening more often -- it’s just that our entire society has turned into individual media outlets thanks to social media. The media landscape is quickly changing, and brands need work hard at catching up or they'll simply be left behind.

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