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May 4, 2020

The narrative moved to explore some social media fails. Awareness was heightened on the need for brands to do an immediate Communications Audit - to ensure that their messaging is in line with societies current needs. The past 43 days have shown us that many brands remain out of touch, tone deaf, and stuck in yesterday, rather than taking a forward-looking and inspirational approach to outreach.

Some of the examples used highlighted "worst practice" - important for us to realise and understand that such approaches detract from the message, and brand image; even though at heart, they may be trying to do good. Choice of words, phrasing, tone, all matter. Don't be opportunistic, don't hard sell, and don't play the blame game.

Staying visible in a way that is meaningful for the future requires that your communications efforts right this minute relate to society in a positive frame.

Stop Saying That C-Word ( was an opinion piece Craig wrote as a direct response to stakeholder outreach in recent weeks. It was a reflection on bad practice, and businesses role in society as community guardian as much as community provider.

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