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The old adage “the customer is always right” has been drummed into marketer’s (and customer’s / client’s) minds for

May 27, 2019

But, does that make it right? The truth to this answer is “yes and no”.

Yes, “the customer is always right” because they are paying the money – each service provider (including products too) should be giving the customer what they want – but at the right price of course. But then, there is also the “no” side of this coin – encompassing customers who seek guidance and look towards outside professionals for counsel.

Looking broader, the philosophy behind this decades-(maybe centuries)-old saying is increased customer experience. Brands, regardless what they sell, exist as a response to a market need. Market needs change; customer’s change; and as such, brands also need to be responsive to these dynamic forces affecting their daily transactions.

Have a read -- we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you feel could be added to this post on creating an improved customer experience. Do feel free to pen your thoughts, and any examples below in the comments section of our blog.

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