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The PR world can be complicated as it is.

Jan 18, 2023

Jostling to get quality exposure for Clients; curating a strategy that will adapt to the ever-changing landscape; and beating the fake news cycle are just some of the challenges PR folks face.

Add to that, a relatively ‘new’ phenomenon that’s cluttering up our channels: “Nuisance PR”.

Publicity that is generated by sheer nuisance and not by merit…where creating nuisance is the dominant strategy…by doing something that will get you on the nerve of the audience, albeit, with a caveat that the audience needs to keep talking about you, hating you!

Not a strategy that we like to employ, but a strategy to get “seen” when you really have no substance to offer at that time; and to get your Client ‘top-of-mind’. Harry & ‘Mememe’ghan do it all the time; their endless stories “just because they can” rather than anything meaningful to contribute.

Nuisance PR is emerging as a “internet breaker” – to push people to have opinions, to push people to divide opinions, and of course, to get your Client / Brand being talked about, even if it isn’t in the most positive frame of reference.

Oh, the entitlement!

But it’s also emerging as a competitor for Brands to get column inches, as “popularity” and maybe even “stupidity” wins numbers against facts and brand narratives.

Check out the following article on Nuisance Public Relations, and see the strategy behind those annoying narratives that irk us.

“All publicity is good publicity”, right? Well, you decide!

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