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The World Wide Wile

Oct 1, 2020

Misinformation is a dangerous phenomenon, especially on the internet where information can spread like wildfire. The pace that misinformation can spread is overwhelming, anyone with a social media account can easily press ‘share’ to their friends and followers. Types of misinformation includes fabricated content, manipulated content, imposter content, misleading content, false content of connection, and satire and parody or just an honest mistake.

Fake news is a term used for stories that are false, that don’t have truth to it, or does not have any facts or sources to back it up. Fake news is easy to explain; but cancel culture is a term that is fairly new and still not many understand it. Getting ‘cancelled’ used to mean that something was no longer continued or is invalid; now it is often used as jargon for dismissing something/somebody or to reject an individual or an idea. People, groups, or organisations usually get cancelled when they do something racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive or damaging action.

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