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Mar 18, 2021

Ready for the Real World, Agency Style?

People often think PR is glamorous, but in reality is it not. Those fancy parties, those amazing dinners, the travel - yeah, its all true, but you're working! So at the fancy parties you are answering questions, schmoozing with the media (and for the bosses, potential clients), and generally running around like poultry on steroids; at the dinners, most likely a food review, you're supervising photo-shoots (which means by the time you eat your food is cold anyway) and upselling the client; and the travel is quite often an en-masse baby sitting job on behalf of the client. And if anything goes wrong, its your neck.

Its hard work people, very hard work! And don't be disillusioned that any form of education put you in the right step for the job - cos day one will shake that weird notion out of your head for good. Its a fun job, but its constantly thinking on your feet, and nothing you can ever learn at school.

So, do you want to join an agency?

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