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Oct 15, 2020

Saying “No comment” is very conveniently used in denying questions, but is it the most suitable approach?

Every situation will call for a different response. How you respond tells a lot about your character or about the brand you represent to the audience, so keep in mind the image you give when answering questions.

It is normal to be asked abnormal or unexpected questions in an interview? But about when you’re being interviewed, and the interviewer asks you an uncomfortable question or a question you can’t answer? Would it be considered rude when you answer with ‘No comment’?

The awkward silence and your facial expressions are what makes the question seem more difficult than it is. It also makes it seem like you are unwilling to answer.

The responses you give will be circumstantial to the situation. When is it appropriate to just say ‘No comment’?

How would respond to an uncommentable question?

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