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Sep 22, 2020

Don’t Be a Bore, Be Buzzy!

With the pandemic still on going, who knows when we’ll be able to go back to working at the office or have regular face-to-face meetings. Since we’re practicing safe distancing measures, everyone is learning to adapt to virtual meetings from the safety of their homes. Virtual meetings range from webinars, teaching, presentations, or even social events. These days, even weddings are held through online meetings.

Now that the majority of meetings have become online, participants in online meetings may sometimes find that they are bored, meetings feel too formal, or don’t have any emotional investment to the meetings because of the impersonal touch that comes with online meetings. It is the moderator’s job to make sure that participants feel that they are part of the meetings and are involved.

A good moderator is able to establish personal connections, keep the flow going, and engage with the audience comfortably. A bad moderator will do the opposite. Though there are many other ways to create an engaging online meeting; four tips I would give to others are to greet everyone that comes into the meeting, make sure to mind your body language even when you’re not in the presence of others, engage with the audience by asking questions or opinions, and to use visuals to captivate your audience!

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