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May 5, 2020

Don't Let the Door of Opportunity Slam in Your Face

The economic and social lock-down of the past six weeks has taught some businesses a valuable lesson - DO NOT live in the past!

Business continuity planning must be at the fore of all activities for a brand, and being blindsided by an external action should not stop you dead in your tracks. Being blindsided should initiate an immediate refocus, but too many businesses took the moment (or many moments) to say, "lets wait and see" rather than "act now". For some of them, the new opportunities that were presented at the time, have now passed, as competitors jumped on the bandwagon.

Hellen Keller's quote is so relevant to today: we must look forward to new opportunities, rather than looking back wondering why the old opportunity let us down. They didn't - you let yourself down by staring at the past too long - losing the window of opportunity for the future. Harsh yes, but a genuine reality in business.

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