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Oct 13, 2020

Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Ugly, or The Bad?

Using influencer marketing to advertise universities may not be a problem, but what if influencers are paid to plug universities they did not even attend?

Some may criticise the universities and influencers are being unethical and unfair as the higher education decision process is not a joke. It is an extremely expensive and life-changing product or service which could be very negative for those who picked an unsuitable place. Thus, this issue questions whether this way of promoting universities is fraud and false advertising.

On the other side argues that although it can be unethical, it provides benefit to society as it encourages and promotes higher education. Besides, some may also opine that universities are also a business, just that they offer education. So, utilising popular influencers this way is just one of the various business strategies to expose their name and attract more students.

What about you, where do you stand and why?

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