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Oct 7, 2020

Watch Craig and Farrell as they discuss an increasingly important tool for business and communications, "Return on Relationship".

For many entrepreneurs and seasoned managers, the concept of Return on Investment (ROI) has taken precedence throughout their career. Then came the pandemic, lockdowns, and chaos - a new approach was needed - because businesses were shut, consumers were stuck at home, and life was changed forever. Enter Return on Relationship (ROR) - a concept that focused on building relationships with stakeholders, not for current gain, but for ensuring top of mind recall, and for building and leveraging relationships into the future.

Learning about ROR is more important now than ever. Why is learning about ROR important? Well, your relationship with your customers is what keeps your business afloat. No customers or clients equals no business. Effective ROR strategies lead to customer loyalty and long-term success.

One thing is for certain, Covid has localised a lot of consumption patterns. As such, our neighbourhood and community connections become increasingly relevant and important, and how we build these relationships become a priority. Our markets are smaller and closer; we need to make sure we are contributing to the community and developing those connections. Localisation and glocalisation is the new norm, or "Business As UnUsual" - brands must embrace this.

Watch it here:

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