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What is it about this generation and its obsession with trolling?

Jan 28, 2019

Because that’s what this is. The ultimate form of trolling. Posting a simple picture of an egg with the specific goal of dethroning Kylie Jenner as the person with the most liked Instagram post. It’s a stupid waste of time, yet over 50 million people - yes 50 MILLION PEOPLE - have like a simple picture of an egg

What is so remarkable about this picture of an egg? That’s just it. Nothing. It’s just a stock photo of an egg, the only image ever posted by @world_egg_record, alongside the caption: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most-liked post on Instagram.”

Am I missing something? Yes. You’re missing a deliberate hierarchical disruption. The Egg likely succeeded thanks to the same impulse that made Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name the Christmas No 1 in 2009. Users (self-identifying as #EggSoldiers), sick of Kylie Jenner’s omnipresence, have got behind the most banal image imaginable, with the express intention of dethroning her.

And now they have succeeded? Absolutely. Jenner’s post received 18m likes, but the Egg is now at 26m and counting. And what was Jenner’s most-liked post? A picture of her newborn daughter’s hand grasping her finger. Ha! We’re all deliberately undermining the happiest day of her life! Lolz!

#OrchanPR #OrchestratingChange #ChangeNow

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