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When Crisis Response Draws More Attention Than the ‘Crisis’ Itself!

Aug 21, 2023

Recently, an interesting case came to light in Malaysia when a ‘resort’, well, accommodation provider, did not like feedback posted online about their services, or lack thereof. Instead of a little soul searching to determine what feedback from the customer they should address, they announced to the world that they would sue the customer.

The accommodation provider made the comment that the customer never approached them to complain. From the online reviews, sounds like the duty staff weren’t exactly responsive anyway. Too bad for the hotelier! Customers who pay are under no legal obligation to express their dissatisfaction directly to the service provider. They have every right (except in a few very backward societies) to reflect on their experience via social media and other platforms. The photographic evidence certainly suggests they had a less-than-ideal experience, and did not receive the ‘services’ that they were led to believe. All for the benefit of others when deciding whether to enjoy the services of said provider.

Now here’s where it gets interesting though!

Every business has the right to sue for defamation if it can be proven that the customers online narrative is malicious and/or false.

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