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When the crisis is over, there is a temptation to heave a sigh of relief and return to corporate normality.

May 3, 2019

But there is much to do.

After a crisis, stakeholders will be re-evaluating their opinions of the organisation, which in turn affects its wider reputation. Reputations that have been built over many years can be severely challenged or destroyed in a small number of days.

Rebuilding trust and recovering reputation can take time: months or even many years depending on the severity of the reputation ‘shock’ and the strength of stakeholder feeling. This means that reaching out to stakeholders becomes even more important.

The most important part of reputation recovery is in proving that performance is once again meeting expectations. Reputation is in DELIVERY, not promise. So the best way to recover it is to get delivering again. This is therefore about far more than communications: it is about SHOWING more than telling.

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