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Feb 10, 2021

Press Start to Brand
by Anis Nadhirah Mohd Faris

As a start-up, it can be a rough journey to build your brand. The obstacles you face, the people you meet, and the achievements you obtain come from a sea of opportunity. You could say it’s like playing a video game.

If you have played at least one role-playing game in your life, you might be familiar with the common trope that each game utilises.

You start the game as a complete newbie. Your journey begins as you slay monsters and complete quests in order to gain experience and new skills that help you level up. Similar to a business, you accomplish tasks like creating a social media account, battling keyboard warriors, and strive for sales milestones in order to mature your brand.

Have you also heard of game tips from talking to every single non-playable character? What happens when you face a difficult enemy?

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