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Oct 7, 2020

The Average, Average Influencer

What does it take for someone to be considered an ‘Influencer’? The bar for influencers influencing people has been set modestly low, the average influencer might influence you to cut your hair or change your style, but it used to not be like that. In the past, an influencer is someone who made change or an impact that inspired others to change the same way they have or even in the opposite direction. These days, it seems like anyone with over 10.000 followers on social media can be considered an influencer or consider themselves an influencer.

With the advancements of the internet, i e; Social Media, anyone can share anything onto its platforms. To keep up with appearances, the façade that some modern influencers have put up can be quite high maintenance and the lengths that they go to achieve that façade is surprising. Some influencers have even been exposed for faking their lifestyles.

Several influencers were called out for renting out private jets for photo shoots and posting those photos to their social medias, making it seem like they live lavish lifestyles. Some also rent homes or locations for a few hours for the same reason. Buying bots to follow them, like and comment on their posts is also a common thing that influencers do to make it seems like they have many people following them.

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