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May 20, 2020

When a brand name becomes the 'go-to' verb in our conversations, it's safe to say that the brand has really 'made it'. Zoom certainly proves this point.

But, is it the first brand to fit this ?

Nope. Far from it, actually.

Zoom is however, up there with so many famous brands that became the 'industry-generic-name' or 'go-to-verb' to describe a category or action - many of which we still use on a daily basis.

- Xerox
- Hoover
- Sellotape
- Uber
- Skype (oops, Zoom kind'a replaced this one)
- Photoshop
- Google
- FedEx
- Bubble Wrap
- Velcro

So Zoom, you're in pretty good company - that is - until the next 'brand-verb' arises.

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