In this rapidly changing, globalised world, organisations need to be performance and results oriented. This requires the development of talent within your organisation at all levels. Orchan helps in the surfacing of this talent by nurturing the skills and knowledge your team needs to achieve excellence.


We provide the tools to empower your team to succeed. We offer practical training to build on existing skills and to lay the foundation for future performance improvement and self and team development. We delve deep into core issues, and illustrate best practice models for your organisation to explore and adopt. 


Our philosophy and approach is to proceed from a client perspective. We work to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients (both the organisation and individuals) and respond with programmes which are appropriate, effective and measurable in fulfilling these needs.


Workshops, Seminars & Courses


Orchan has custom-crafted courses in Public Relations, Crisis Communication & Management, Stakeholder & Cultural Communications, and Business Communication & Writing. Our workshops and seminars are designed for decision-makers and activators who want to develop their understanding of specialist areas.


Public Relations


- PR for Startups

- Understanding PR Strategy & Timeframes

- Crafting Media Friendly Story Ideas

- Writing a Killer Press Release

- Writing for Social Media

- Digital Public Relations Foundations

- Media Spokesperson Training 101


Crisis Communication & Management


- Think Crisis | Introduction to Crisis Management

- Message Mapping During a Crisis

- Developing Your Crisis Plan

- Speak Up | Crisis Management Spokesperson Training

- Responding to a Crisis

- Train Your Team Internally

- Crisis Planning for Start-ups and SMEs'


Stakeholder & Cultural Communications


- Strategic Stakeholder Relations 

- Cultural Assimilation & Communication (East vs West)




- Everyday Business Writing

- Impactful Newsletters & e-Newsletters

- Writing to / for House Style

- Editing – Ensuring Strong, Relevant & Accurate Writing



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